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Natures Best Sweetner

We have over thirty different varietals of honey depending on the time of the year. All of our honey is Raw, Strained and un-filtered.  


Fresh Cut Honeycomb

Step 1

The Bees pollenate

Step 2

Worker bees make the honey

Step 3

Bees working in the hive.

Step 4

Colony of bees hard at work

Blog posts

Blueberry Honey Cake

Blueberry Honey Cake

A Recipe for Blueberry Honey Cake using BlueBerry Honey from Magnolia House Honey
Food for a Queen - Royal Jelly

Food for a Queen - Royal Jelly


Anti Aging, Anti-hypertensive (blood pressure), Bone strengthening                                         Brain function enhancement, Lowers cholesterol, Anti-fatigue / energy boosting, Immune system boosting, increases libido (both sexes), Antioxidant                                                      Liver protection, Anti-inflammatory, Blood sugar modulation, Skin healing, Anti-bacterial, Collagen synthesis

The Benefits of Bee Pollen

The Benefits of Bee Pollen

Health Benefits of Bee Pollen